How to start a career as a Freelance Translator

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The work of freelancer is quite comprehensive. In reality, there are hundreds of professions that can use a freelancer. However, one of the most common is the freelance translator. This business area has increased greatly in recent years, especially from the time when the internet has become a common tool for all professionals. Nowadays, it’s much easier to find job offers in the field of translator. Furthermore, the number of tools for translation grows with every passing day. For this and more for a few reasons, in this post we get to know some essential steps to work this niche market so attractive these days.

It is undeniable that the translation market today is far more aggressive and dynamic than at the time of Stridon Jerome, patron saint of translators, who translated nothing more, nothing less, than the Bible, the ancient Hebrew and Greek into Latin in the first century IV AD. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to guide the first steps of those who intend to enter to the fascinating universe satisfying – and sometimes lucrative – the translation. However, before we address the issue directly we open a parenthesis and define three aspects which, although rudimentary, are very important to practice, and, if not properly observed, it will be impossible for any freelancer keeping active as a translator professional.

First: It is imperative that the translator freelancer has a great mastery of their mother tongue. Maybe that’s why professionals with training in writing, or translation, are the most highly rated by some agencies to fill vacancies available in the market. Must be considered that, despite the translation profession not regulated in many countries – the fact that technology allows the execution of the function by anyone, even without any specific training – it is obvious that the translation quality will depend on the level of knowledge that professional has its own language.

Second: We need to clarify what it is, or who is eligible to be a translator. In this case, I always say that I know, or “like” a second language does not authorize anyone to translate. There is no point saying that he lived many years in another country, or who are descendants of aliens. The process of mastering a second language is not limited only to this. The real mastery of any language usually is due to the four basic skills, which are: To understand, read, speak and write a language perfectly, be it foreign or domestic. The ability to faithfully adapt one language to another, constitutes what we call translation. Therefore, it would translate a fifth skill, which, by the way, is a prerequisite for the prospective translator qualification.

Third: The translation is an adaptation of a foreign text to our mother tongue. When we find the opposite situation, ie, when adapted written in our mother tongue into a foreign language text, called “Version”. It is recommended, especially for beginners, working only with the translations, because the fact of better master their own language will help reduce the possibility of mistakes, which, if they occur successively, can damage your reputation and prematurely terminate their career as a translator. A solution to not lose customers would associate with native speakers of other nationalities. Thus, we are assured to be paying a service of unquestionable quality. Now, armed with these three essentials, it’s time to get down to business.

Let’s start commenting on some contemporary challenges that freelance translators face on the job.

anayansi gamboa translatorThe translator is a freelancer worker with the same rights and duties of its citizens. Therefore, you should pay special attention to factors like Social Security, the IRS, issuing invoices, contracts, operating licenses, records in government agencies, in short, all bureaucracies required by law to perform any economic activity. Hiring a life insurance, private pension plan and consolidate savings are imperative, after all, it never hurts to protect themselves from the ups and downs, quite common, who performs this work.

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