You need a certified translation now what?

Translations and interpretation services in Panama City, Panama

#1  Translation

What is a certified translation?

​In Panama, a certified translation is one performed by a professional translator, also known as “Traductor Publico Autorizado”, who attests in writing to the completeness and accuracy of the translation. You cannot do the translation yourself, even if you are otherwise qualified. Other countries (or consulates) may have their own rules, so check with them first.

#2 Do you need to see an original or certified copy?

No. We work with any legible copy of your document. Typically, the fastest way to get started is to e-mail the documents. You can use a scanner or even a digital camera to take a high-quality photo of your certificate or other document…

#3 How will I receive my certified translation?

However you like! A member of our team can send you an electronic copy (PDF) as soon as it’s ready. For notarized documents, you will want the hard copy as well. We can mail or deliver in person the translation anywhere in Panama or around the world if you are not local (we charge only for destinations outside Panama. or for overnight delivery).

#4  How long does it take?

Send us your document for a free quote and time estimate.

Generally a 1- or 2-page document takes just a couple of days, but it does depend on the language and how busy we are.

Please note that obtaining the notary’s signature will delay delivery of your translation by at least two-three business day.

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