Consular Legalization of Documents

Consular Legalization of Documents

Warning: The information on this page is provided in good faith and are general information about the process of legalization of documents for use abroad.

We do our best to keep this page updated, but changes in legislation, rules and procedures of the countries occur without warning.

This information does not replace the most current information provided in the pages of consular officers and government officials accountable for every act.

If you believe any information on this page is outdated or wrong, please notify us by e-mail.

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Legalisation Usage Overseas

Many countries require a certified translation. In Brasil, for example, the legalization takes place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (MRE) and in Panama, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then at the consulate of the destination country of the document. This process is also called consularization or authentication.

Some countries may first require the legalization of the original document and only then legalize certified translation. That’s because they want the data of stamps and seals legalization of the original document included with the translation.

In general, the rules are relatively simple, but the whole process is quite laborious. In some cases, the legalization of a single set of documents may require more than ten trips between the Foreign Ministry, notary, translator and consulate office.

We can always help you with this process.

Firstly, our management team can help you understand what needs to be done in your particular case. After performing legalization of hundreds of documents from consulates in major English and Spanish speaking, our team has extensive experience on the procedures usually adopted in each country.

It also aimed to facilitate the legalization process for customers, all our translators have autograph card registered in the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil or Panama and the consulates of major countries speaks English and Spanish (Canada, United States, Spain and others). As a result, shoppers rarely need to recognize the notarized signature of the translator. Moreover, the consulates in some countries directly receive our sworn translations.

Legalisation foreign documents

All official foreign documents relating to persons, such as birth certificates, unmarried status declarations, marriage certificates or judicial decisions regarding adoption, must either be legalised or provided with an Apostille by the competent authorities of the issuing country. Unmarried status declarations may not be older than 6 months.

As the legalisation of foreign documents can take a long time, please arrange this several months before submitting any application with the local government authority.

You are advised not to submit any application without legalised or apostillised foreign documents. We always check with the embassy or consulate as to which foreign documents need to be legalised and how.

We also offer service support for legalization. We work with specialized carriers to bring their documents the specific country and consulates and bring them back with security and privacy to our office. With the consent of the customer, always thinking of their convenience, we can also arrange interviews for service and represent it by proxy at consulates that require this kind of formalization.

In addition, we serve businesses and individuals in cities where there is a consulate office with complete solutions sworn translation, legalization of documents and shipping documents by post.

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