ClinCapture® Tutorial – How to enter a patient schedule a visit and start entering data

ClinCapture® Tutorial – How to enter a patient, schedule a visit and start entering data – YouTube.

ClinCapture® is the most advanced open-source electronic data capture (EDC) system designed to streamline your clinical trials. As an open-source solution, ClinCapture® is tailored to meet the needs of life science companies looking to run cost-effective clinical trials.

ClinCapture® can be rapidly deployed and easily adopted, customizable to specific study requirements. ClinCapture® is repeatedly chosen as a preferred EDC solution because it is intuitive, flexible, and proven.

Source: Clinovo

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3 thoughts on “ClinCapture® Tutorial – How to enter a patient schedule a visit and start entering data

  1. It looks like a branch of OpenClinica, the other open source EDC however it looks like they improved the navigation significantly.

    1. Clinovo branched off ClinCapture from OpenClinica because we wanted to commit to a pure open source model. Unlike OpenClinica, we do not have a commercial Enterprise version. Everything we do is totally open, transparent and available to our community, including major value-add features such as graphical reporting and randomization.

      The other reason we branched off is because we felt the pace of innovation was too slow. We used our combined CRO and Software engineering know-how to add key features and bug fixes quicker than OpenClinica was able to deliver. As a result, ClinCapture is a great EDC system for CROs wanting to provide a cost effective solution to their clients.

      I am glad you are enjoying our improved navigation and OneClick Access to key functions!

      Marc Desgrousilliers
      CTO @ Clinovo

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