Third Set of Locks – Pacific Area

The project design and construction of the third set of locks of the Panama Canal is one of the greatest engineering works in the XXI century.

Despite these will have larger chambers, used 7% less water than the existing locks on each transit.

Pouring Concrete

In the industrial park produces concrete required for construction of the locks. Until December 2012 has been emptied approximately eight hundred twenty-two thousand meters cubic (822.000 m3) of concrete. In the pictures you can see the activity in the structure to drain valves water saving basins in the upper chamber.

The Gates

Throughout the new locks are niches will have four gates that separated each of the three chambers. High, Medium, Low. These niches allow the placement of gates and peer mobilization will be sliding.

In the Pacific and Atlantic sectors forward with the construction of a cabinet which aims to get the gates to be placed to divide the cameras together.

The construction of the gates is being made in Italy and were used approximately 50,000 tons of steel.
Gates highest measured 58 meters long, 33 meters high, 10 meters thick and weighs approximately 4,300 tons more. Each complex will have eight gates, ie four pairs.

Wildlife Rescue and Relocation

The number of animals rescued and relocated successfully to December 2012 (Pacific sector) is:
Reptiles – 480
Mammals – 300
Birds – 64
Amphibians – 45

Source: UPC

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