InForm vs Central Designer

InForm TM (Integrated Trial Management) System, is a web-based data entry system which builds an Oracle database for each individual clinical trial. InForm, supplied by PhaseForward and now part of Oracle line of products and services, is widely used across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industry.

Central DesignerTM, also supplied by PhaseForward, is the tool used to design and build the eCRFs (electronic case report forms) and data entry rules for clinical trials.

Additional information can be found here: Oracle InForm

It is technically impossible to compare the two tools because they are very different.

The following table provides an overview of key differences:


The introduction of Central Designer to the Clinical Trials has improved the overall EDC development time, deployment process and support company and industry standards. Next article, we will compare Central Designer with Medidata Rave.


5 thoughts on “InForm vs Central Designer”

    1. In Central Designer, it is very simple. You’d use the expression builder and use some .NET code. So, say you you have an integer item with a yes/no codelist. You could do it at the item level it and it would be something like: ‘this.codelist.Value’. If Value == 1 for Yes, then do something. If Value == 0, do something. You can also use boolean true/false, so if ‘this.codelist.yesno_codelist == yes’. If true do something, if false do something else.

    2. It’s easy. You can do so by attaching a codelist to an item. Then create a rule at the item level. It would be something like this.item.value. Your codelist can be something like Yes/No. Yes can have a value of 1 and No can be 0. The rule expression can be, When this.codelist.value == 1, issue a query for Yes. Otherwise it’s false and won’t do anything. There are many ways of doing this type of check though.

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