Project Management Forms and Deliverables

Project Management Forms & Deliverables Checklist

Deliverable Description Purpose
Project Checklist Checklist of tasks that a Project Leader should be doing at a particular phase in the project. Used to remind a Project Leader of all the tasks and areas to be concerned with when managing a project.
Project Proposal A form used to capture the initial ‘good idea’ or ‘we need something’ information for a project. Used to communicate initial project goals and objectives, anticipated benefits, risks, CSF’s and project organization. Used to get approval to proceed to the Planning phase where you develop a project charter
Project Contracting Form A form used to outline key results, stakeholders, milestones, and scope dimensions. Used to identify key project initiation elements. Used to make sure all project dimensions are considered.
Project Charter Serves as an agreement between the Project Leader and the Project Sponsor for what the project will deliver. Used to establish a common understanding of the project, what will be produced or delivered, when and by whom. It also details the strategies that will be used to manage the project.
Project Charter Presentation Presentation format for a PM to complete that summarizes the key features of a project Used when presenting a charter for approval or to a project sponsor or owner. Because it is a summarization, it is useful for presenting information to people who have not read a project charter.
Roles & Responsibility Matrix A matrix that lists team members and all the major deliverables or activities that are being produced for the project. An individual’s relationship to a task (Responsible, Contributes, Reviews or Approves) is indicated in the intersection of resource and task Used to explicitly document who is responsible for producing deliverables.
Communications Plan Details the structure, form, type and frequency of communication. Also details the communication paths and key communications milestones that should occur on the project Used to establish lines of communication to ensure that project information is communicated and received by its intended audience. Also ensures that key groups are not left out of the communication loop. Also provides a way of evaluating how the communication is working throughout the project.
Communication Log Log that records when, to whom and in what format communication occurred. Used to track actual communication events back to planned communications to ensure that all groups are receiving and sending communication on a timely basis.
Change Request Form Form for requesting changes to a project Used to capture details related to a change request and implications of accepting a change. Supports a formalized change process
Change Log Contains a history of issues and their resolution. Used to capture, track and manage change requests that are received by the project. Supports a formalized procedure for requesting changes
Design Review Form Sign-off form that design specifications and requirements are approved. Used to confirm designs in walkthroughs.
Issue Form Form for recording an issue. Used to capture issues in detail. Can be used by anyone involved in the project.
Issue Log Contains a history of issues and their resolution. Used to capture, track and manage project issues and their resolution.
Meeting Summary Form to document decisions made at meetings. Used to summarize decisions made and communicate action items and issues found during meetings
Status Report Status form. Used to communicate status.
Status Summary Checklist of questions related to project status. Used to remind Project Leaders to think about status on a larger scale.
Reviewer Comment form Form to capture specific comments for walkthroughs. Usually distributed with a document that is being reviewed and used to capture comments from reviewers.
Risk Assessment Questionnaire A questionnaire that all project leaders should fill out that will indicate the level of risk for their project. It will produce a risk radar graph when completed. Used to focus a project leader on potential risks for the project. A risk management plan can be developed that addresses the higher risks on the project
Risk Management Form A template for documenting project risk, risk management strategies and contingency plans. Used to produce a comprehensive risk management plan.
Project Close-out Form to record details of the project once it is completed Used to capture lessons learned and summarize how the project went. Can be used in a facilitated session or be completed by the Project Leader at the end of a project.

Source:Project Management Institute

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