InForm Trial – Complete Trial Removal

Remove a Trial from InForm

1-Open the command promptCommand Prompt

2-if the InForm Service has not started yet, you can start it by entering the following command:

net start pfservice  

NOTE: If you are using InForm Architect, the service may has already be started.

3-Once the server or service is started (completed successfully), you will then remove the trial by entering:

pfadmin remove trial e.g. pfadmin remove trial proto999

NOTE:  InForm can not remove a running trial. 

4-    Enter the following command prior to the remove command above:

pfadmin stop server proto999 /trials

Removal of a trial from the system

It is necessary to remove trials off your system once you have completed the e-crfs to ensure that Architect is working efficiently as you develop more trial e-crfs. 

1- Open the  Data Sources (ODBC)
2- Click on the tab System DSN
3- Highlight the trial that you want to remove.
4- Click the Remove button.

A message will pop up that asks you if you are sure you want to remove the trial’s data source, click Yes button. Click OK button to close ODBC.

Remove a Trial from the Oracle Database

If you are doing trial development work in Architect, you may need to stop the InForm Service before doing these steps. Enter the following command:

net stop pfservice [enter]

sqlplus useruid/pwduid [enter]

SQL*Plus is running now

From here enter the following two commands:

 drop user trialuid cascade;


 To exit SQL*Plus enter:  exit

The trial has been completely removed from the system. Doing this can help keep the system ‘clean’ as well as gets the system ready to fully reinstall this trial again if you needed to fully remove it.

NOTE: If you wish, you may verify that the trial is really gone in Oracle by starting TOAD or PLSQL Developer and check the USER object/table.

Anayansi Gamboa has an extensive background in clinical data management as well as experience with different EDC systems including Oracle InForm, InForm Architect, Central Designer, CIS, Clintrial, Medidata Rave, Central Coding, OpenClinica Open Source and Oracle Clinical.