Making Public Folders Hidden to Users in Cognos

As a BI Administrator, you might want to hide certain public folders to some users. You can do this by:

  1. In Public Folders > click the Create a Folder icon and create a folder called “eClinical Documents”.
  2. In Public Folders > click the Create a Folder icon and create a folder called “eClinical”.
  3. Within the “eClinical Documents” folder created in step 1, create a Page called “eClinical Portal”:
  • One Column 
  • Add Cognos Content – Cognos Navigator
  • Add Page as a “Portal tab”. 

4.  In “Directory”> Cognos namespace, edit the “Default User Profile”:

    • In the Default User profile, select Portal Tabs > delete Public Folders
    • In Portal Tabs > select Add Portal tab Page and add the “Your Company Portal” page created in step 3.
    • Modify the sequence so that “Your Company Portal” appears first in the list. 

5.  Copy this profile to existing Users (if necessary).

6.  Within the “eClinical” folder created in step 2, select Create Divisional/BU/Departmental folders as necessary.

7.  Add the necessary security (Execute & Traverse) to the folders.

Note: All Reports written against Packages need to be saved into the relevant folders created previously.

8.  Click on the new Portal Tab “eClinical Portal” and select “Edit” to change the Cognos Navigator Content:

    • Under the “Folder” option, select the “eClinical” folder created in step 2.
    • Choose to “Open Links” in the current window.
    • In the “Features to expose in the Navigator views” option, ensure that the only boxes selected are the “Additional Information – Normal Mode” and “Maximised Mode”.
    • Set the number of Columns as appropriate. 

Note: Individual users are still allowed, once logged in, to remove from their view the Portal Tab(s) that were created – and they can easily put them back using the Tab Menu.

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