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  1. Did you think I was complaint about a pizza delivery being really slow? When I studied for my masters degree in Project Management, I wanted a way to remember the five (5) project management process groups and the nine (9) PM knowledge areas.

    Though I have to admit that pizza is making me hungry, I was referring to one particular knowledge area. It is called ‘Project Communication Management’.

    The knowledge area of Project Communication Management consists of:
    Communication Management Plan: it is how and when the various stakeholders received information, and communicate with each other. It is about identifying the stakeholders. Remember that any person or organization that may be impacted by the outcome of the project needs to be identified. This may include customers, project team, and project sponsor.

    P-stands for ‘Plan communication process’: what kind of information should be shared with each project stakeholder.

    Delivery – stands for ‘Distribute Information: the sharing of information is part of the Distribute Information process. For example, project management plan, performance reports.

    R- stands for ‘Report performance process’: which involves sharing the project status reports and measurements with appropriate stakeholders.

    And finally the word…
    Slow- stands for ‘managing Stakeholder expectations’: as a project manager, you work with stakeholders, to understand and address their needs and expectations.

    Remember, that the total number of communication channels between n stakeholders is calculated by using this formula: n(n-1)/2. So if there are ten (10) stakeholders in a project, then there are 45 channels of communication.

  2. Hi Anayansi,

    That’s a very interesting way of remembering the basic concepts behind project management.

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