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First, I want to say thank you for reading my blog, connecting with me on LinkedIn or following whenever I go [thank you NSA].

Many of you, for months, have asked me if I was going to write more articles related to clinical trials. For sometime now, I have taking time-off from this EDC blog and concentrated on some other projects of equal importance. I will share some new insights and information as I get myself back on track.

So what is a girl who has a master’s degree in project management and computer networks doing as a programmer? It’s not that I didn’t like project management, per se. And entering in the IT network business years ago was quite difficult for girls like me in a world dominated by men. It’s basically that I didn’t find myself with the same passion for project management or computer networks that I have for programming and technology in general.

Because I am so interested in technology and programming, I tend to spend a lot more time than my peers in learning new technologies, and enhancing my existing skills. Many of my co-workers and ex-collega (Dutch) have commented on their admiration that my skill level is as high as it is, and that I am able to learn new technologies so quickly. But beyond just learning new technologies and APIs, I’m passionate about becoming a better overall programmer. Reason why in the last few months, I spent time learning IOs development (iPhone and Android apps). I am actually working on an app to ‘hack’ into my own car. :-) Well, not exactly. I want to be able to open my car and do some other basic command (like opening the garage door) using an APP.

Given my degree in project management, it should be clear that I have useful skills beyond the programming world. In fact, having a project management background has helped me interface with various groups in various organizations in which I’ve worked.

I have installed, maintained, and designed numerous relational databases and small networks. As a freelancer, I have worked in projects doing data analysis, project support and computer training.

Now you know a little about me personally. If you think I might be the type of developer you’re looking for, feel free to browse my resume and contact me.

Anayansi Gamboa
Resume / CV .

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P.S. I will be releasing some training videos / training material for several EDC tools in the near future including tips and best practices. Price has not been setup yet. All training will be web-based, password protected. If you wish to consult with me for a face-to-face training or on-site training, please contact me to discuss further.


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